Julia Fuernstahl (Staff Physiotherapist)

Certified German Physiotherapist

Associate Member – Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Julia graduated in September 2016 from Bernd-Blindow-School of Allied Health in Aalen, Germany, being granted a Certificate of Physiotherapy.

Her career started at the ‘CircArtive School’ in Gschwend, Germany, which is a professional boarding school for Circus Artists.
Although most of Julia’s circus specialities were up high in the air (trapeze, ring, aerial rope), she is also happy to treat our patients on the ground.
Working in an environment of juggling clowns and aerial artists made her develop a sense for fun, creative and professional treatments.
Other experience has included prevention and treatment of sport-related injuries, developing personal and specific training programs,
as well as giving advice regarding training techniques or methods.

Julia’s post graduate education has included specific courses on Back Care Education and Myo-fascial release

She is interested in General Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy.

All Ages Physiotherapy can be contacted on 07-5483-7009