Telehealth Physiotherapy

This is a new service that has been initiated in response to Covid-19. All Ages Physiotherapy is committed to continuing to provide essential physiotherapy services to our clients, including those whom are required to, or choose to self -isolate. Funding is currently available for telehealth physiotherapy under NDIS and WorkCover QLD. 

Telehealth will also allow us to continue provision of services if any of our clients or our staff are required to self isolate. Telehealth platforms use secure end to end encryption. Your privacy, and safety and our attention to providing you with a detailed and personal service can all be catered for with a telehealth appointment

A telehealth appointment allows us to assess most elements of your injury and to provide education, information and self treatment techniques including a written (emailed) individualised home exercise programme. It may not be suitable for all injuries and conditions, If you are not sure if your condition is suitable for a telehealth appointment, please contact us on 54837009 and we can advise you.

Telehealth means that you are carrying out your own active treatment, so you should be prepared to be vigilant in following the prescribed self treatment regime to get the best results.

Telehealth is also useful  for follow up consultations, where the physio has already carried out the hands-on component of a full physiotherapy assessment, and can advise you on how to progress or alter the programme already provided with full knowledge of your condition.

If you have already been seen in the rooms by your physio, your physio can tell you if your condition can continue to be managed via telehealth.

If you are making an initial telehealth appointment,  you will be sent a form to fill out and return to us 24 hours prior to your appointment. If the information you provide indicates that your issue is not suitable for a telehealth consultation you will be contacted by the physio regarding other options for treatment,  and will receive a full refund of the telehealth fee. 

To participate in a telehealth appointment, you will require a computer, laptop, I-pad or smart phone with a microphone and camera. You will also require reliable internet access. The data requirements are low, and should work on all mobile or NBN plans.

All Ages Physiotherapy will send you a reminder email and/or SMS 30 minutes before your appointment. This is your signal to prepare for the appointment

You will need:

A flat surface on which your device can rest, facing you. Ideally, you will be able to move, either yourself or your device, so that your physio can see different parts of your body as needed. For example, if you have a knee injury, the physio is likely to want to look at the front, side and the back of both your knees, and how you stand, how you bend your knee and other movements. In our experience, placing the device on a table or bench , with a 1.5 metre space behind you, allows you to  start the session seated in front of the device and to talk with your physio, and then for you to stand far enough away from the device to show the physio most body parts and movements that they may require. 

If you are using a phone or I-pad , it is helpful if it is propped up or in a stand, rather than held in your hand


You should wear:

Loose, comfortable clothing.

It is easier for everyone if you are in a quiet place, during the session with no distractions from the consultation. 

You will be emailed a clickable link. Once you click on the link, you will confirm that you consent to participate in the telehealth session by clicking on a box then a video conference page will open, there may be some waiting room music for a short period, then your physio’s video will appear on the screen and you can start the discussion, as you would in a rooms consultation. If you are unsure search ''joining as a guest to a coviu call'' on YouTube for a 35 second introduction.

After your session, your physio will send you an email with your home exercise programme, and a summary of any other advice that they have given you. In some cases, your physio may recommend that you use self- treatment aids, and these will be demonstrated to you during your telehealth consultation. Often items that you already have at home can be used in self treatment techniques, and your physio can discuss the conversion of household items to therapeutic aids during your session.